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Curtains wide!


I don’t know when I first heard the song. I didn’t have my own radio. Certainly not my own records. But my six year old brain knew the words. My six year old legs knew the melody. 

I took the early bus home from first grade. I had 45 minutes alone until my older siblings came on the later bus. 45 minutes of pure freedom. And it was our green living room hassock that told me to climb on, and perform it to no one. It was a big step up. My knee bent almost to my chin as I hoisted myself aboard. “You better wait a minute…” I began singing, “Mr. Po-oh-oh-oh-ostman…won’t you check and see, one more time for me…”  I quickly climbed back down and opened the drapes to the gravel road, still dusty from the bus. It wasn’t so people could see me – there was no one on this road – it was for me – so I could feel the light on me! It also gave me a direct view of our mailbox. I climbed back on and sang and jumped. Shaking my long blonde hair in the afternoon sun…”deliver de letter, de sooner de better…” 

I’ve heard it said recently that we used to do things for love, and now we do things just to get “likes.” I’ll take it even further and say, we, I, used to do things for the pure joy of it all. I had no aspirations of becoming a singer, or a dancer. Because I was one. For 45 minutes, in the audience of an empty Van Dyke road, I was a singer. I was a dancer. I didn’t need anyone to confirm it or deny it. Or even like it. Because I did. It brought me nothing but joy. Heart racing, voice raising, hassock denting joy!!!

I only mention it because I find the same green calling to me lately. It’s my palette. It brings me joy. There are videos on “the colors for 2023” that I have never watched, and never will. I know what colors I need right now. I know which ones bring me joy. So I paint in them. In the light of my studio window, I am free to be an artist, free to be me!

I hope you can find it. Today and every day. The things that bring you joy. And when you do, my only suggestion is to throw those curtains wide!!

Author: jodihills

I am an author and an artist, originally from the US, now living, loving and creating in the south of France. I show my fine art throught the US and Europe, and sell my books, art and images throughout the world.

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