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A love letter to my hometown.

Dear Alek,

IMG_8578I know you know that’s not a typo.  Those who knew you called you Alek, not Alex, or even Alexandria, for we, I, knew you with an intimacy that required something familiar, a term of endearment, like Alek.

And we were intimate, weren’t we?  Those hot summers, almost endless with the first sun, the first swim…rolls in that green grass.  And then bundled together in the whites of winter.  Yes, I knew you.  I knew you on school buses, through mutual friends. and fleeing family.  You made me smile, you made me cry.  You heard me sing.  And watched me hope.
If we’re being honest, I couldn’t get away from you fast enough.  After high school, I ran as far as I could.  I hope I said something, like “we can always be friends,” but I’m not sure I did.  I think I didn’t look back.
There was so much to see.  So much I have seen.  And Alek, the world is really beautiful.  So beautiful.  It has taken so much time, as I suppose all good things do, for me to see that you too are part of that.  You, who knew the beginning, should deserve to know the middle – I pray it’s only the middle…  Because life is good, Alek, so good, and I can share that with you now.  I can tell you that I’m happy.  And I can see you now, so much clearer, and I need to tell you that.  I need to tell you that I hold everything dear, the good days remembered, the bad forgiven.
I hope you can do the same for me.  Remember my good days, forgive my bad.  Because we had something special.  We gave our love, didn’t we?  We even gave it big, sometimes.  And that has to matter.
So, Alek, you gave me my youth, and I thank you for that.  If I may be so bold, I ask for just a little more.  Take care of my mother, and she will give you her heart, the best heart maybe you will ever know.  Watch over my family, especially the young ones, they will give you the future that you so deserve.  And one more thing, Alek, keep me in your heart for a little while, you are forever in mine.
All my love,