Jodi Hills

So this is who I am – a writer that paints, a painter that writes…

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Close to you.

It will probably sound strange to the youth of today, but it was something to see — this woman — who sang like an angel, wore her hair and dresses long, and sat behind the set of drums. You might think, so what? Anyone could have done it. While that may be true, she was the one who did. The first one I had ever seen. I’m guessing that’s the case for most of us. Karen Carpenter. Not all who lead stand in front. 

Most of the heroes that I write about daily were never given awards. Not praised in the news. Nor decorated with medals. But I honor them. These farmers that stood above the wheat. Teachers that cleared a path. A grandma who giggled amidst life’s clutter. Neighbors with open doors. A mother who loved within and beyond any storm. These are the angels that led me here. 

They are the reason I can sit in a country far away in front of an empty canvas, where birds do “suddenly appear,” and keep me daily, and ever close, to the ones I love.