Jodi Hills

So this is who I am – a writer that paints, a painter that writes…

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When I’m just sketching from my head, it’s not unusual for me to paint a blonde woman. She just arrives. Because I have seen her. Daily. Since I was born.

Perhaps it was in college when I first felt noticed for what I could do – arranging words on paper. It was Professor Gremmels who wrote on one of my assignments, “maybe you should consider making a career out of it” – this writing. It was so significant – just scratches in pen on a piece of paper, but it was everything. I felt seen. Heard. It made, not only, “it” possible, but me possible. I had arrived at something close to hope. And my journey was beginning.  

Yesterday, Ketanji Brown Jackson made history as the first Black woman confirmed to the US supreme court. Finally, finally, she has arrived. Maybe it’s more correct to say finally we have arrived. Finally, we see! What a glorious day for every young girl (and for every young boy)! Possible now shows her glorious face! And it is beautiful! She is beautiful. This is truly a day of hope – and our journey is just beginning.