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So this is who I am – a writer that paints, a painter that writes…

Heart open, love called her name.

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I don’t write every day because I have the answers. I wish I did. But what I do have, are the questions. I know enough to know I need to learn. Every day. I need to grow. I need to be curious.

Because, let’s be honest, we are rarely even given the “answers,” when we search. And maybe we don’t need all of them. Maybe we don’t need to be sure. Maybe we just need to be open. Things arise every day out of our control. And we are rarely ready. Ready can be so misleading I think. Who is really ready for anything? All we can do is be open to the experiences ahead. The challenges ahead. The miracles ahead.

Good or bad, today will be a climb. I’m not really ready, but I am open. Wide open. Wide open to the challenge. Wide open to let the love out. Take as much in as I can. And to be aware that this is happening for all of us. For me, that is not the answer, but the comfort — comfort in the pure randomness of it all, that it could happen to anyone at any time – pain, happiness, confusion, even love!

Author: jodihills

I am an author and an artist, originally from the US, now living, loving and creating in the south of France. I show my fine art throught the US and Europe, and sell my books, art and images throughout the world.

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