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Birthday at Byerly’s


Yesterday was my birthday.  Well, not my real birthday.  My pretend one.  And my pretend birthday can really pop up at any time, when needed.
I used to love shopping at Byerly’s.  The store in Minnetonka had a great bakery.  They made little “birthday cake” cupcakes that were just delightful. I was checking out and the clerk passed the cupcakes over the scanner, smiling.  “Is it your birthday?” she asked. I was about to say no, but she looked so happy, so I just went with it.  “Yes!” I said.  “Oh, Happy Birthday!” she said and sang.  The carry-out man clapped his hands.  The customer behind me cheered. It was all so joyful. Why not?!!!!  I left the store feeling delightful.

Remembering that feeling, not often, but just when I really, really needed it, I would pull out that same trick.  I’d put the birthday cake or cupcakes in the cart, and if the clerk didn’t notice, I might humbly say something like, “just treating myself for my birthday…”  I didn’t always get the exuberant response, but there were always smiles, and usually singing.  

Now, I’ve only done this a few times in my life, but yesterday, I was feeling the constraints of Covid, so I put on my birthday dress (a gift for my actual birthday this year – I mean the actual day I was born). Dominique, and the fishmonger were the only ones to see, but I felt special. I smiled inside.  We barbecued the fish in the sun, pretended we were on vacation, and it was my birthday. I sang. I twirled. (It’s a good twirling dress!)

Not that long ago, I was at the dentist and I was choking.  I asked him to stop.  He said, “You’re not choking, it just feels like you’re choking.”  What’s the difference, I thought.  And so, too, it is with joy!!!!  Yesterday, I started by pretending to be joyful, and soon forgot I was pretending. It just was joyful!  Joy is joy – there is no difference.

So Happy Birthday, my friends!  Sing, dance!  I’m celebrating with you!

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I am an author and an artist, originally from the US, now living, loving and creating in the south of France. I show my fine art throught the US and Europe, and sell my books, art and images throughout the world.

2 thoughts on “Birthday at Byerly’s

  1. I think I am one of the great pretenders.. it gets you through a lot of rough spots, brings joy, and doesn’t cost a dime. GO FOR IT!!!

  2. I learned from the best! xoxo

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